Cross Connection Control Surveys & Inventory

The Water Service Connection Inspection and Inventory program is designed to help a Utility maintain records control, track commercial / industrial water meters and cross connection devices, and track and determine which commercial / industrial accounts do not have a cross connection control device on their incoming domestic or fire services. 

The program is based on the standards set by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc., The American Water Works Association, and other Public Works Divisions in your area.  The program as designed by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. includes site inspection and documentation.  The following is a description of the program: 


M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. personnel will visit each of your industrial and commercial water system customers to determine what type and size water meters and cross connection control devices are on each domestic and fire service as they enter the building. 

  • M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. does all inventory scheduling.

  • All information about the individual services and devices is recorded and later transferred to your comprehensive final report. 

  • All information regarding the lack of a cross connection control device on each service is also included so that you may consult with your Plumbing Inspector to determine what type of device is needed in that particular setting.

For more in-depth details about this program and others please feel free to contact us for a full scope of work.

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