Failing infrastructure, inaccurate records, conservation, sustainability, water quality, water loss, economic conditions, revenue shortfalls, having enough water, being green; these are all statements and buzz words in today’s society.  Today, in the water and wastewater industry, they are our reality and responsibility. The sustainability of the infrastructure is a must to insure the future of our communities.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has been providing high quality technical services for water and wastewater utilities for over 30 years.  Our goal has been to provide our customers services and technologies designed for the 21st Century.  Since our inception in 1979 we have provided services that have improved water accountability and increased revenues for both water and wastewater Utilities.  We’ve also maximized distribution system performance and optimized distribution system data, records, and mapping.  To date we have provide Water Loss Control programs that have included over 50,000 Large Water Meters serviced and 75,000 miles of Leak Detection services.  OurAsset Management services haves seen over 400,000 valves located, exercised and documented.  Our Fire Hydrant Flow testing program has had 60,000 fire hydrants flowed and water main capacity information developed.  Our Wastewater Services, though much newer, have also given us the opportunity to maximize collection system performance and optimize collection system data, records and mapping.  Our Manhole Inspection services have located, documented and mapped over 15,000 manholes.  We have provided Smoke Testing services to over 25 collection systems, discovering 100’s of documented infractions.  This service continues to be a steady area of growth for our firm.  We know service and we can assist you with your Utility. 

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is the industry leader in developing and providing programs and services that will aid our clients in maximizing their peak performance for their water distribution and wastewater collection systems.  We offer our clients the highest quality Technical and Professional Services, using state-of-the art technologies and highly skilled and trained professionals.  Our firm has developed a host of high tech programs that will insure that your Utility will be proactive in dealing with both your water distribution and collection systems.  Our thirty plus years of experience, along with highly skilled and trained professionals, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. can assist your Utility with our many customizable service programs.  The buttons above detail each of our programs.  Our goal is to assist you in continuing to provide your customers with an efficient and effective water distribution and collection system.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has provided our specialized services to government agencies for over twenty years.  We have complete understanding of the unique situations that occur with water and wastewater utilities at government facilities.  Our most extensive work has been with the DOD, providing both Water Loss Control and Asset Management programs at military facilities thought out the USA and Europe.

The following are the NAICS Association codes and SIC codes that pertain to the services that M.E. Simpson Company provides.  For more information please contact Michael Simpson or John Van Arsdel.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. provides its customers with water and wastewater system service technologies for the 21st Century.