Michael D. Simpson


Michael Simpson began his career in the water industry with the company as a field technician testing and repairing large water meters.  A few short years later the company began performing leak detection for water utilities. Michael learned the leak detection craft, then designed and implemented the company’s leak detection program. By combining the large meter testing with leak detection experiences and water audit skills, Michael created the company’s Water Loss Control program. Working with team members and adding their Valve Assessment and Fire Hydrant Assessment programs, complete Water Distribution System Evaluation Programs were developed. Today, he oversees the company as a whole, focusing on financial management and business development. 


Michael joined AWWA in 1983 and is heavily involved in the Indiana Section AWWA, as well as the California-Nevada Section AWWA, Illinois Section AWWA and the AZ Water Association.  He has taught classes on water loss control, large meter testing, leak detection and water distribution system evaluations throughout the United States.  Michael is a member of AWWA’s Water Loss Control Committee, and has served as an officer of both the Association and the Indiana Section AWWA. Michael has been awarded Kenneth J. Miller Founders Water For People Award for volunteerism and AWWA’s prestigious George Warren Fuller Award.

Dan E. Hood


Dan E. Hood has been with the company since October 1985.  Dan is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.  With his experience in Industrial Technology, Dan has implemented various computer programs which are used by M.E. Simpson Company for its services which are provided to water utilities. These various programs help to improve many aspects of evaluations of water distribution systems such as leak detection, fire hydrant flow testing, and valve exercising. 

Along with his formal education at Purdue University, he has attended classes on hydraulics which are specifically related to the Polcon® Flow Testing equipment, completed workshops on hydraulic modeling and has been performing flow testing since 1988. With that experience Dan became instrumental in pioneering the development of our valve location and exercising programs, the development of our Polcon Pro-Valve® software, and has trained all of our personnel in this area.  With his knowledge of computers and development of the Polcon Pro-Valve® software, Dan has spent extensive time and training on integrating data gathered into existing GIS systems.


Dan has been an active member of AWWA at both the Section and Association levels.  At the section level he served on and chaired many committees including 10 years as the Sections Membership Chair.  In 1998 he introduced the Meter Madness competition to Indiana and served as the committee chair for the first three years.  At the same time, he advanced through the section offices, starting as a District Trustee and ending as the Indiana Section Director. 

At the Association level Dan served on numerous AWWA committees including the Section Services Committee, the Water Meter Standards Committee, and Meter Madness Committee. He was a Meter Madness committee member when the Association’s Competition was held at the former DSS and was very instrumental about bringing the competition to the annual AWWA ACE meetings.  He served the first three years as the Meter Madness Committee Co-Chair, while he served as the Indiana Section Chair and then the Indiana Director.  He was then elected to serve the Association as Vice President of AWWA and traveled to several sections, sharing his vast AWWA knowledge and drinking water experiences with those sections.

John H. Van Arsdel

Vice President

John H. Van Arsdel is Vice President with M.E. Simpson Co., Inc.  He is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a B.A. in Geography with emphasis on Locational Evaluation and Research Design, Vulnerability Assessment Class for the Sandia Labs RAM-W method and the RAM-W “modified” for small to medium systems (currently licensed to use the Sandia Labs RAM-W Method, and licensed to teach the RAM-W “modified” for small to medium water systems). He has completed water operators’ classes and seminars on water filtration and distribution. He has over 27 years’ experience directing projects for water utilities concerning water loss, water audits, mapping programs, metering programs, condition assessment programs, and flushing programs. He has presented seminars for water operators for over twenty years. This includes various topics for the ISAWWA Education Committee, several presentations at Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan AWWA Section meetings, as well as papers at ACE in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016 and papers at the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference. He has maintained an active role in local and state water works organizations including holding offices on various boards and committees. As Vice President of M.E. Simpson Co., Inc., John serves as the main point of contact for client development and customer relations for the eastern U.S.  

John has been a member of AWWA since 1991 and currently is a member in several sections including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Chesapeake, and Florida. In 2003 he was one of two trainers for the “RAM-W Modified” Vulnerability Assessment training for the Illinois Section. He has served as the Illinois Section AWWA Chair, 2013, as well as other Board positions. He served as ISAWWA Chair for the Membership Committee (2006-2009) and received the national AWWA Zenno Gorder Award (2006 and 2009) and a Diamond Pin Membership Award (2006 and 2009), as well as the AWWA Ambassador Award (2009) for membership. John also serves on the Education Committee, Water Efficiency Committee, and Water for People Committee. He received the ISAWWA Clifford Fiore award and the George Warren Fuller Award in 2015.  John is a past chair of the national AWWA Water Loss Committee (2010-2014), a member of the Apparent Water Loss sub committee, and was involved with review and editing of the rewrite of the M-36 Water Loss Control Manual. Local water works memberships include the South Suburban, Mid Central, North Suburban Water Works Associations, and the West Shore Water Producers. 

Terrence Williams

Operations Manager

Terrence Williams has been with M.E. Simpson Company since September 2014. Terrence previously worked in retail management. Terrence is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  Terrence also completed his MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management.  He is currently involved in the preparation of client reports, data quality control, and drafting new paperless database programs.  He also has experience in valve location, exercising and mapping, and the use of the state-of-the-art leak detection equipment. Terrence also has experience in fire hydrant and main capacity flow testing, and the operation of our Polcon® Flow Testing equipment.

Randahl Lusk

Innovations & Solutions Manager

Randy has been with the company since November 2000. He previously worked in retail business.  Randy has attended classes and lectures on the operation and maintenance of water meters. Randy has experience in valve location, exercising and mapping, and the use of state of the art leak detection equipment. He is experienced in the operation and maintenance of water meters, fire hydrant, main capacity flow testing, and the operation of our Polcon® Flow Testing equipment.  Randy is the Past President of the South Suburban Water Works Association, member of the Indiana and Illinois Sections of AWWA, member of the “Tops Ops” and “Young Professionals” Committees in Illinois and currently the Committee Chair for Illinois Section AWWA.


Randy is also a certified teacher who travels throughout the state of Illinois and offers CEU’s through organizations that include ISAWWA, APWA, IRWA and local operator groups. He gives classes on Water Loss, Water Audits, Main Capacity Testing, Hydrant Maintenance, Leak Detection, Meter testing with calibration and Unidirectional Flow Testing.

Carlos Covarrubias

Regional Manager

Carlos began his career in the water industry in 2013. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and began employment at American Cast Iron Pipe Company as a salesman for American Flow Control. He is currently working as a regional manager for ME Simpson Company. As an active member in the water industry, Carlos serves as the Vice Chair for the ISAWWA MAC Committee. He is also actively involved with the Young Professionals Committee, various other committees and organizations of the ISAWWA, and is a member of the Illinois Rural Water Association. Carlos has conducted various educational classes and training sessions for members within the association and in multiple areas throughout the state. His passion is bringing new and innovative ideas to ISAWWA and helping continue to grow and improve the water industry.

Aaron Horbovetz, P.E. PMP

Project Engineer

Aaron Horbovetz has been with the company since September of 1999. Aaron has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). Aaron is a regular presenter at AWWA conferences, and has taught and attended numerous classes and lectures related to the operation, maintenance, and installation of water meters, as well as Project Management related topics. He has experience in the following: Pitot flow testing, maintenance and installation of water meters; valve location, exercising and mapping, fire hydrant and main capacity flow testing, sewer flow monitoring, and the use of state of the art leak detection equipment. Aaron is experienced in sewer flow monitoring, sewer / storm system smoke testing, and manhole inspections. He manufactures and maintains our Polcon® Flow Testing equipment, and is an expert in Pitot Flow Measurement.

Cara L. Lance-Emerick, MBA

Finance Manager

Cara joined M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. in January of 2009.  Cara is a graduate of Purdue University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Cara is also a graduate of Ball State University with a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. Cara manages the financial matters associated with the company including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bookkeeping, human resources and employee benefits. Cara oversees the data-entry portions of our field services projects as well as the office staff. Cara is involved with providing assistance in various local waterworks and community functions. Cara is a member of the Indiana Section AWWA and is the current Secretary-Treasurer on the Executive Board. Cara also services on the Finance Committee for the Indiana Section AWWA.

Eric Gerlach

IT Coordinator

Eric has been with the company since February of 2007.  Eric is a graduate of Purdue University Calumet with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.  Eric maintains all databases used for your utility's programs, GIS data and internal employee databases.