The Pro-Leaks™ online program is designed and exclusively marketed by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. Pro-Leaks™ is a Graphical Interface System that ties the graphic image of the leak, drawn in TurboCad, with the Leak record online database. 

All Leak location information is entered into Pro-Leaks™ with an appropriate drawing showing the location. All pertinent information such as: address, street/cross-street, leak location with street measurements, estimated GPM loss, and leak description are a part of each structure record.

Being a Windows based program, Pro-Leaks™ supports all the keyboard strokes mouse movements and shortcuts that users are already trained to use.  This speeds up data entry and lowers the learning curve. The data saved in Pro-Leaks™ is saved in an Access database. This data can be read and manipulated with any other database product that supports Object Database Connectivity (ODBC). This provides flexibility to a user that needs to cross platforms.

The images drawn in Pro-Leaks™ are drawn using a stand-alone program called "TurboCad" by IMSI. This program has many tools and can be used to make an extremely detailed drawing of the leak area.  Also, editing the drawings is much easier in TurboCad due to the fact that every item in a drawing is a separate object that can be selected and edited by simply pointing and clicking.

If the customers chooses to add collection of GPS coordinates to the Inspection Program, then those coordinates are also stored in the data. M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. offers a variety of GPS collection services.  M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has the capability of offering sub-meter or sub-foot GPS accuracy per customer request.

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