• Water Loss Control
    Water Distribution System Leak Survey

    The Water Distribution Leak Survey program is conducted using the latest state of the art leak computers, the Fluid Conservation Systems’ DigiCALL, AC Digital Leak Correlator or Vivax-Metrotech HL6000X Correlator with an outstation preamplifier-transducer system.

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  • Asset Management
    GPS & GIS Services

    The GPS Locating and CAD Mapping program is designed to take all of the information the Utility currently has about their water system and verify this data.

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  • Large Meter Evaluation and Maintenance
    Large Meter Evaluation and Maintenance

    The Large Meter Evaluation and Maintenance program is designed to help a Utility retrieve and retain the large amounts of potential revenue associated with master (production), industrial, and commercial meters.

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  • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing (Watermain Capacity Testing)
    Fire Hydrant Flow Testing (Watermain Capacity Testing)

    The Fire Hydrant Flow Testing and Flushing program is conducted in the field by our Project Team (M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. uses TWO trained technicians on each team).

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  • Wastewater Services
    Smoke Testing

    The Smoke Testing program is designed to check for inflow from storm drain cross connections, point source leaks, roof connections, foundation drains, faulty manholes, and main sewer line defects.

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  • Water Distribution System Valve Assessment
    Water Distribution System Valve Assessment

    The importance of the Valve Assessment program is apparent when major emergencies arise and your personnel are unable to either locate or close a valve or several valves during a water main break.

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  • Polcon Services
    Our Mission

    M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. leads the industry in field testing services for hydraulic studies. Our firm manufactures the Polcon® equipment used in our specialty Polcon® Services.

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Welcome to M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. Professional Service Solutions Provider

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. ensures our client's water distribution and wastewater collection systems are running at peak performance.

Our clients receive the highest quality in technical and professional services by way of state-of-the-art technology and a skilled and well-trained staff of professionals. Our highley educated engineers and technical staff are ready at a moment's notice to relieve your staff's burden and ensure your services continue withought a hitch.

We offer the full gamut of water and wastewater operations services from Large Meter evaluation, Testing and Calibration to robust assessment and documentation of all water and wastewater system apparatus. We pride ourseves in our ability to create a custom-tailored solustion meeting our client's unique needs.  Once we have determined those needs, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. will create a "turn-key" system to help create better in-house services. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Working with M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. will undoubtedly make the water and wastewater services you offer more efficient and reduce the burden on your already taxed staff

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Our Mission

We offer our clients the highest quality Technical and Professional Services, using state-of-the art technologies and highly skilled and trained professionals. With this as our mission, we provide our services to our clients knowing that the public has the implicit faith that "the water is always safe to drink".