ME Simpson water metering techs stand ready to help improve your water flow and management capabilities.

Services We Provide

At M.E. Simpson Co. Inc., our mission is to ensure that your utility’s systems are running at peak performance. That’s why we are dedicated to developing and providing services that will optimize your water distribution and wastewater collection systems. As a client, you can rest assured that our state-of-the art technologies and high-level of professional service will improve your systems. Learn more about the services we provide below.

ME Simpson has the gauges, hoses and technology to provide efficient water management for you business.

Less Loss More Revenue

Water Loss Control

Let us solve your water loss and non-revenue water issues. We are the industry leader in water loss control. We’ve developed water loss control programs that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and customizable programs to help provide you with a viable strategy to an efficient and effective water loss reduction program.

ME Simpson can test fire hydrants and water flow systems to ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently.

Instant Access to Data

Asset Management

We intimately understand the critical importance of having easily locatable, accessible and functioning equipment for any situation. Our databases and mapping services give you instant access to information to provide an efficient and effective water distribution system.

ME Simpson uses the latest technology in order to test and monitor water flow and management.

Keeping You Informed About Your Collection System

Wastewater Services

Your wastewater system is an essential component of the overall water system in your municipality. That's why we have teamed with both Electro Scan and Trimble® to develop several services to help improve your wastewater system. Our services will help you assess, maintain, and operate your wastewater collection system more efficiently and effectively.

ME Simpson techs are ready to help you with water management and improve efficiencies at your company.

Built By Those Who Use It

Polcon® Services

Who better to design, develop, and manufacture a product other than the technicians that use them daily? That’s why we created our Polcon® products. Exclusively used by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. to achieve a more accurate and reliable understanding of your water system needs.

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