Water System Specialists

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. ensures our client's water distribution and wastewater collection systems are running at peak performance.

Our clients receive the highest quality in technical and professional services by way of state-of-the-art technology and a skilled and well-trained staff of professionals. Our highly educated engineers and technical staff are ready at a moment's notice to relieve your staff's burden and ensure your services continue without a hitch.

Our Mission:
Our firm is dedicated to developing and providing programs and services that will aid our clients in maximizing their peak performance for their water distribution and wastewater collection systems.  We offer our clients the highest quality Technical and Professional Services, using state-of-the art technologies and highly skilled and trained professionals. 

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is the industry leader in Water Loss Control Programs.  Our firm has developed high tech programs designed to assist your Utility with their complexities of both water losses and revenue shortfalls.  With our 30+ years of experience, we will assist your Utility with customizable water loss programs.  Our goal is to locate and help mitigate water losses so the Utility can continue to provide customers with an efficient and effective water distribution system and most importantly, safe drinking water.

Asset Management

For over 30 years, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has led the water industry in Asset Management. Our firm understands the importance of having readily locatable and functioning valves, fire hydrants and other system apparatus in the event of an emergency; whether it be a water main break, fire emergency or natural disaster. The importance of these programs cannot be understated. Our web based databases give you instant access to data, reports and other functions at the touch of a button.  With our Asset Management Programs you can continue to provide your customers with an efficient and effective water distribution system, and most importantly, safe drinking water.


We intimately understand the critical importance of accurate information of your wastewater system infrastructure. We have teamed with both Electro Scan and Trimble® to develop several services to help improve your wastewater system. Our services will help you assess, maintain, and operate your wastewater collection system more efficiently and effectively.

GPS & Mapping Services

Our GPS Locating and Pro-Maps™ Utility Atlas Update program is designed to take all of the information the Utility currently has about their water and wastewater system and verify this data while combining this information with the GPS data collected by M.E. Simpson Co.’s field teams, using state of the art equipment, highly skilled and trained technicians and our Pro-Maps™ online application to develop a new, accurate Utility Atlas and database for use by the Utility.

For more in-depth details about this program and others please contact M.E. Simpson Co. for a full Scope of Work.

If you are already a Pro-Maps™ user, please click here for the online portal


Our Values:

Our firm builds strong relationships with each other, our clients and our business partners based on four fundamental values:

Accountability – We set high service expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our services and the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.

Common Purpose – We operate from a common purpose, doing what is best for the client and the company as a whole, working with mutual trust and collaboration.

Integrity – As we operate in an intensely competitive environment, we compete fairly and honorably, providing our services in a professional manner that reflects favorably on our company and on each of us.

Respect – We are sincere, fair and forthright, treating others with dignity and respecting their individual differences, feelings and contributions.