Large Meter Evaluation,Testing & Calibration

The Large Meter Evaluation, Testing and Calibration program is designed to help a Utility retrieve and retain the large amounts of potential revenue associated with master (production), industrial, and commercial meters.  


M.E. Simpson Co., Inc.'s large meter testing program includes:

  • Water meter testing

  • Meter repair / Calibration

  • Post-testing after repair / Calibration

Individual phases detailed below:


  • Locates inconsistencies within the water meter reading and billing cycles.

  • Identify meter accuracy problems resulting from improper sizing and application.

  • Allows the development of a cost-effective meter test and meter repair/replacement schedule.

  • Provides recommendations for the correction of the problems discovered.


  • 1.5" and larger meters will be tested at flow rates in accordance with AWWA standards.

  • Testing is done by comparative methods using a certified test meter or a pitot rod (high flow) to test the meter within its normal operating range. 

  • Our comparative test meters, from Sensus, record both total volume and current velocity with electronic registers which are automatically reset to zero after each of the 3 to 6 tests conducted. 

Master Meters will be tested in accordance with AWWA standards using an “in-line” pitot rod. The master meter can be tested at a single flow or over a broad range of flows.  M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. manufactures and uses the Polcon® Pitot Rod along with the Polcon® Sentry electronic flow recorder.


  • Meters that are found to be stopped, broken, or inaccurate will be repaired and calibrated back to AWWA standards. 

  • Major parts such as chambers, turbine assemblies, check valves, and registers are replaced for an additional fee.

For more in-depth details about this program and others please feel free to contact us for a full scope of work.