Polcon Pro-Valve®

In place of the Access database, M.E. Simpson Co. Inc. will provide our Polcon Pro-Valve® online database.

Polcon Pro-Valve® continues to be developed in house at M.E. Simpson Co. Inc. allowing us total control over the design of the product.  Our program is based online in a secure server that only allows selected users access to the information through login/passwords.  The advantage of this program allows you the flexibility to view your valve information from any where.

The data saved in Polcon Pro-Valve® can be read and manipulated with any other database product that supports Object Database Connectivity (ODBC).  This provides flexibility to a user that needs to cross platforms.


Information alone is useless.  In order to make the information worth having it must be used and Pro-Valve® makes that easier to do.  Pro-Valve® software pulls all the valve information together into a variety of reports.  Reports include:

  • Exception Report

  • Valve Listing by Number

  • Valve Listing by Street

  • Problem Valve List (Useful for Work Orders)

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