The Pro-Smoke® computer software program is designed and exclusively marketed by M.E. Simpson Co., Inc and available online.  Pro-Smoke is a Graphical Interface System that ties the graphic image of smoke testing infractions, with the Smoke Introduction and Infraction Inventory record database. 

All Smoke Testing introduction and infraction information is entered into Pro-Smoke® with a digital image showing smoke infractions. All pertinent information such as: introduction location, length of introduction, inlet/outlet blocking, infraction type (public or private) and weather conditions are entered into the database.

Being a Windows based program, Pro-Smoke® supports all the keyboard strokes mouse movements and shortcuts that users are already trained to use. This speeds up data entry and lowers the learning curve.  The data saved in Pro-Smoke® is saved in an Access database. This data can be read and manipulated with any other database product that supports Object Database Connectivity (ODBC). This provides flexibility to a user that needs to cross platforms.

Pro-Smoke® Online Reports Include:


  • Daily listing of areas tested

  • Location of areas of infractions discovered

  • Digital photos of each  infraction

  • Mechanical deficiencies discovered

  • Mapping errors found on the Sanitary or Storm Sewer atlas

  • Recommendations for dyed water testing for possible cross connections with the Sanitary or Storm system

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