Water Audits

Our Water Loss Control Survey & Audit program is a five-phase plan encompassing a select group of our services and equipment that will assist your Water Utility in improving water accountability and optimizing your distribution system’s operational performance.  Our program will be structured around your specific needs so that you can optimize your results and maintain flexibility in the performance of the various tasks. 

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. will furnish all labor, material, transportation, tools, and equipment necessary to complete the Water Loss Control Survey/Audit.  We will provide trained personnel and the equipment necessary to complete the work herein specified. 

The phases of this program include:


  • Master / Production Meter Testing

  • Leak Detection Survey

  • Commercial and Industrial Large Meter Testing

  • Residential Meter Testing

  • Final Audit

All of the five programs listed in the Water Loss Control Survey/Audit are detailed individually through our website.  If you would like more information on the importance of water audits and water loss control, please take a look at our AWWA Essential Knowledge Briefing by clicking Here.